Friday, April 20, 2007

Nokia N 73 Mobile phone

The N73 is one of Nokia's more normal looking smartphones. It has a straightforward candy bar design and an absolutely standard keypad. It looks more at home with recent MS Smartphones like the T-Mobile SDA and Cingular 2125 than the Nokia N80, N91 or N93. Like the SDA and 2125, a large QVGA display dominates the front face, and while the phone may lack the sexy looks of the N80 or the stainless steel machismo of the N91, the display itself is so eye-catching it gives the entire phone a turn to the stunning. Since normalcy abounds, the phone has a standard keypad with roomy blue backlit keys, a perfectly conformist 5 way joystick that's surrounded by the usual smartphone cluster of 2 softkeys and the call send and end keys. The application launcher, pencil, clear and multimedia applications launcher keys wrap around the keypad in the bright silver surround. All are easy to access and we're thankful the ever-important application launcher wasn't relegated to a side location as with the Nokia N91.

Like most other phones the N73 has a volume rocker for both speaker sound and in-call volume on the right side and this rocker does double-duty as the zoom control for the camera. The IR window is all by itself on the phone's left side, and stereo speakers under a post-modern looking metal grille are located at the top and bottom edges of the phone. The charger port is at the bottom as is the Pop-Port multifunction port.Turn the phone on its side and it becomes a camera, and in fact looks like a point-and-shoot. Slide the rear lens cover to expose the lens and LED flash and the camera application opens automatically. The slider stays firmly in place and lays against the phone's back in an interesting manner to accommodate the sloping lines of the phone. Slide the lens cover shut and the camera application exits automatically. There's a dedicated Gallery button beside the shutter button which allows you to quickly move through your photos in full-screen landscape mode.

Above the display you'll find the secondary VGA camera used for self-portraits and video conferencing in 3G service areas, the light sensor which automatically adjusts display brightness and the earpiece. the miniSD slot is located on the bottom edge parallel to the Pop-Port connector and the card is hot-swappable. As you'd expect, the battery lives under a door on the phone's back and the SIM card is under the battery.The phone feels and looks very well made, perhaps a bit more so than the N80.The N73 is mid-to-large sized by feature phone standards and small by smartphone standards. It's smaller than the Treo 700p and 700w, Nokia 7610, Nokia 6682 and all Windows Mobile Pocket PC phones on the market and is similar in size to the Cingular 2125 and T-Mobile SDA MS Smartphones.


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