Friday, May 18, 2007

Specs War! Motorola RAZR 2 vs Nokia N95 vs Apple iPhone

So, you’ve heard about Motorola’s announcement of the RAZR 2 handset, and you’ve hopefully read our initial take on the device. But how does it compare to its major rivals? Read on to see how Moto’s slimline new phone stacks up against two of the most-hyped competing handsets: Nokia’s N95 and Apple’s iPhone.

Motorola has kept faith with the original RAZR design for the new edition, albeit making it 2mm thinner (and it was already mighty slim). The clamshell design feels a bit old hat now, mind.

Meanwhile, Nokia’s N95 boasts a more startling two-way sliding design, with music buttons popping out of the top, and a regular mobile keypad sliding out from the bottom. It’s sleek, although will still make a bulge in your pocket.

Lastly, the iPhone... well, it’ll have Apple fans in raptures over its slinky feel and tactile touch-screen interface, although the unconverted will point out that it’s still a hefty size.

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