Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Motorola Introduces The Vista Of Music In Mobile Handsets

Motorola, Inc. the renowned frontrunner in wireless and broadband communications and also the mobile sponsor at the Music Matters 2007 forum in Hong Kong today announced here of a key upgradation to its motomusic.com.cn portal. It has been found giving an open call to an assortment of leaders of the music business to join with Motorola and mobile network operators around Asia for the creation of a music renaissance.

Motorola is renowned throughout the world for its innovative techniques and leadership in wireless and broadband communications. Being inspired by the vision of Seamless Mobility, the name of Motorola has become synonymous to get and stay connected simply and seamlessly to the people, information, and entertainment. The company excels in this by designing and delivering "must have" products, "must do" experiences, and powerful networks -- along with a full complement of support services.

The announcement of its new ROKR brand of music-optimized handsets and accessories and highlighted by the powerful ROKR Z6 was followed by the announcement of its upgradation and expansion of its online entertainment portal. It has come to the knowledge that the MOTOMusic site in Mainland China is at present offering over 100,000 music tracks for the sake of purchase and download while making safe the portal's position as the one of the most important online commercial music services in the entire country.

Speaking on the occasion to the Press gathering Michael Tatelman, the Corporate Vice President and President of Motorola Asia Pacific Mobile Devices said, "In the face of the changes that digitization has wrought on the music industry, we must work together to create new ways to experience the music we all love, ways that are relevant to the way Asians live today." "Making that happen is going to take more than outstanding mobile devices – it demands that manufacturers, operators, artists, labels, and service providers share a vision that recognizes that the future of music is mobile, and that we must make mobile music even better than the music experiences we grew up with, " he added.

From the official sources it is revealed, that Motorola's accomplishment in the delivery of an impeccably integrated music experience is indebted at best to the work the company has undertaken for the building of a comprehensive mobile music ecosystem.

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