Saturday, July 14, 2007

Top Ten Motorola Mobile Phone Accessories

Music and multimedia phones like the Motorola Q, Samsung Blackjack, BlackBerry Pearl and LG Chocolate require more power and memory than traditional cell phones, which is driving our memory card, charger and extended battery business.

The emergence of certain wireless innovations like A2DP Bluetooth is also driving interest in newer accessory technology, like stereo headsets and high-performance batteries specifically designed to support the significant processing power found in the new smartphones.

list of Top Ten Cell Phone Accessories this summer:

1. Motorola H350 Bluetooth Headset (all colors)

2. Car and Travel Chargers (particularly for RAZR, BlackBerry Pearl, LG Chocolate and Samsung Blackjack)

3. Cases and Holsters (particularly for RAZR, BlackBerry Pearl, LG Chocolate and Samsung Blackjack)

4. Jabra BT125 Bluetooth Headset

5. Kingston 1GB Micro SD Memory Cards

6. Anycom Aris-21 Bluetooth Headset

7. Motorola H500 (Project Red)

8. Motorola Mobile Phone Tools 4.0 Software

9. Seidio High-Performance Extended Capacity Batteries (for Treo, BlackBerry and other smartphone devices)

10. Wi-Ex zBoost Wireless Signal Boosters

The appearance of Motorola's Mobile Phone Tools 4.0 on the top ten list indicates a change in the way cell phone users view their phones. In offering a powerful synchronization solution, Mobile Phone Tools is perfect for people who store entire address books, calendars and other personal information on their cell phones, and consistently send data from PC to cell phone, or vice versa. Also, many phones now come with A2DP Bluetooth, which means they stream stereo sound to Bluetooth Stereo headphones. Customers that take advantage of these phones and headphones can listen to their music without a cord.

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