Monday, October 22, 2007

Mobile Phone that talks to your jawbone

The Pantech A1407PT mobile phone lets you listen to your calls with your bones -- well, not all your bones, just your jaw bone.

The futuristic Pantech phone uses bone conduction. That means when the phone is placed against your jaw the mechanical vibration from the phone is conducted to your inner ear, which responds normally. The result is you hear the other person on the phone perfectly.

A bone conduction cell phone has an additional advantage; it makes it easier to hear phone conversations in a noisy room. The sound is conducted directly to the inner ear.

Designers around the world are busy designing the next generation of cell phones that will probably still drop calls, but look exceptionally cool doing it.

For example: the cellular phone robot.

You've never seen a cellphone like this one, but may in the very near future. It actually has little wheels on it; it can find its way to a recharger (on a table top) and can find the owner of the phone to take a call.


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