Monday, February 4, 2008

Motorola Considers Separating its Mobile Devices Unit

In a press release posted yesterday, beleaguered Motorola said that it is considering restructuring its business units in an effort to recapture its former profitable position in the markets. The company said that it was even considering separating its Mobile Devices unit from the rest of the company in order to allow it to react more quickly to changes in the industry, though the company has no firm plans at this time.

Motorola has said that it does not intend to discuss further the potential restructuring options until its board of directors has approved a plan or deemed that no changes are actually going to be made.

Last week Motorola posted losses of US$49 million for 2007. The company also announced at that time that it was going to start using chipsets made by Qualcomm in an effort to improve business efficiencies.

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