Thursday, January 1, 2009

How to personalize Mobile Phones

Over the decade I have been using mobile devices to view email, I have noticed how users get completely addicted to their devices. I recall walking around with a Nokia flip phone - circa 2000 that I finally gave up for a Motorola phone circa 2004! I still think both vendors offer great mobile phones.

Today, I walk around with a Pearl from Blackberry. 2007 marks the first time in a decade that I have accepted a Blackberry as a phone and as an email device. I had both. I get the Gist of Email from various sources (personal and enterprise) sent to me. I don’t bother synching my Blackberry since I don’t want the 200 or so messages I get a day to come to me mobile. I am finding that this is a good way to separate what I have to absolutely address while away from my Inbox. I am definitely an addict of mobile email and am very fussy about my mobile device. I know people who have steadfastly refused to give up their devices until the keys start to fail. The reason for this besides the form factor, look and feel is the information that these devices have onboard in terms of contacts and now pictures.

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